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Throughout the years, OneO2Plants and OneO2Hydroculture have participated in many events. We pride ourself on our ability to transform a space with nature, regardless of size, complexity, and budget. These exhibitions are the opportunity to show the public what we can do when faced with a challenge. Below, we will show you the times OneO2Plants and OneO2Hydroculture flexed their horticulture muscles and creativity, and received awards and recognition for it.

Singapore Garden Festival

Held biennially in Singapore and organised by the National Parks Board, the Singapore Garden Festival features gardens and landscapes from designers worldwide. It attracted over 200,000 people in 2006 and over 300,000 people in 2008. In 2006, 2008, and 2010, our Director, Mr Peter Cheok’s designs won several awards, including the Best of Show Awards.

Blowin' In The Wind (2006)

For the Fantasy Garden Category, our design, Blowin’ In The Wind, won the Gold and the Best of Show Awards in the inaugural Singapore Garden Festival. With its striking message about the importance of conservation, a mutated Earth in the shape of a 7-metre-tall black dome showcased a polluted forest. Glass globes containing information about the impact of pollution and the benefits of conservation aimed to educate visitors about its message.

Seeking Shangri-La (2008)

During the 2008 Singapore Garden Festival, out of the 18 show gardens, Seeking Shangri-La won the People’s Choice Awards, in which visitors voted for their favourite garden display. Our Director, Mr Peter Cheok, who designed the display also won Gold and the Best of Show Awards. The fantasy-themed garden featured a ruined Shangri-La, crumbling from the effects of global warming, submerged beneath collapsed glaciers. The surviving plants mutated into new and strange forms to survive in the new environment.

In 2009, New Zealand’s Ellerslie International Flower Show invited the Team behind Seeking Shangri-La to participate. The annual garden show, hosted in Christchurch, attracted 75,000 visitors in 2009. Seeking Shangri-La won the Gold Award in the Landscape Category and the Silver Award in the Lighting Effects Category.

Taking A Leaf (2010)

Clinching yet another gold award for the 2010 Singapore Garden Festival, the garden takes a detour from its fantasy themes. Taking A Leaf is a landscape of farmland and the lives of Kelabit farmers. It blends home, farm, and garden into one set and focuses on the message of simple and gracious living. With huts built with bamboo and bare ground with patches of grass, immerse yourself in the familiar feeling of a kampong village.

Urban Living (2018)

In 2018, OneO2Hydroculture was invited to collaborate with United Kingdom award-winning garden designer, Kate Gould, to participate in SGF. It was the most ambitious garden she has designed. Urban Living is a thought-provoking Fresh Garden with a strong environmental message, inspired by her personal experiences working in and around London. The garden occupies a 12×6 plot and is constructed across three levels, including a basement, mezzanine, and top floor. Together, the team implemented the award winning garden, clinching the Gold award for the design and installation of the garden.

Orchid Extravaganza

The Orchid Extravaganza is an annual exhibition held by Gardens By The Bay at the Flower Dome, to honor Singapore’s national flower: the orchid. Each year, thousands of orchids are used to show off the creativity of expert designers.

The Butterfly Story (2017)

The 2017 Orchid Extravaganza was hosted by Gardens By The Bay and held in the Flower Dome to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday. The overall design was led by our Director, Mr Peter Cheok, which tells the story of a butterfly: a metaphor for Singapore’s growth. The journey of the birth of Singapore, the display follows the motif of a butterfly’s life cycle. Hedges and clusters of orchids-over 10,000 flowers from 800 species-are arranged to form eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis, and a full-grown Lepidoptera.

A lush Singapore butterfly garden with vibrant tropical flowers in bloom, attracting a variety of butterflies with brightly patterned wings.

LIAS Award of Excellence

Every two years, the LIAS Award of Excellence showcases those who have worked hard to shape, restore, and protect the natural environment in urban settings. OneO2Hydroculture specialises in hydroplanting, which is a soilless, clean, and odorless method of planting. As such, the design, installation, and maintenance of the below locations have been recognised by LIAS to have impacted the environment in a positive way.

Reflections @ Keppel Bay

Reflections at Keppel Bay is a high-density housing with natural lush landscapes. With sprawling fields of grass covering the lower rise villas, the garden also connects to the six towers with impressive sky decks through several sky bridges. It employs a large amount of horizontal landscape to create the garden display. The residence has been awarded the Green Mark (Gold) by BCA for being ecologically responsible and developmentall friendly. It was also awarded the LIAS Award of Excellence 2013 in the Maintenance (Residential) category.

Goodwood Residence

This exclusive and elegant development was conceptualized by WOHA Architects and ICN Design International, who highly sought after award-winning consultants. Goodwood Residence was designed with every apartment’s view in mind: each flat enjoys the magnificent view of Goodwood Hill – a rare sight in the prime Orchard-Scotts vicinity. With 80% of Goodwood Residence dedicated to vibrant landscaping and generous recreational facilities, it is no wonder that it was clinched the Silver LIAS Award of Excellence 2015 in the Implementation (Residential) category.

Tomlinson Heights

Tomlinson Heights is set as an artistic addition to the city’s skyline with its sleek, curvilinear architecture. Creatively designed, the wave-like fluidity of its façade hides an array of facilities, providing privacy from the neighbours by a forest-like screen of trees. The usage of native plants, plenty of trees and shrubs shows the designer’s intent to bring people back to nature. This landscape was maintained by our diligent team of workers, who rightfully earned the LIAS Award of Excellence 2015 Gold award for their amazing maintenance work.

COMO Dempsey

A lifestyle destination that nurtures and cultivates creativity in fashion, food directional design and new concepts, COMO Dempsey is set amidst Dempsy Hill’s lush greenery. The careful choice of implenting native plants to complement the area’s natural beauty creates a delightful garden that feels quiet and relaxing. The team who installed and shaped the landscaping was awarded Silver for their hard work in LIAS Award of Excellence 2017.

Highline Residence

OneO2Hydroculture was awarded the Silver LIAS Award of Excellence 2019 for their landscape implementation at Highline Residence. The residence is a luxurious condominium nestled in one of Singapore’s oldest residential neighborhoods, next to the Tiong Bahru Heritage Tail. The first level is covered with dense planting, particularly evergreens, which provide a stimulating and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. On level 4, the elevated green ridge spanning an impressive 180 meters was transformed into a garden communal space. The shared urban farm on level 22 allows anyone to grow their own edible plants.

Martin Modern

Introduced with great excitement and drawing significant public attention, Martin Modern stood out as the most highly sought-after upscale residential project within the downtown real estate sector. Its distinctiveness lies in its emphasis on meticulously planned and allocated green spaces, featuring 15 captivating mini-gardens to explore and relish.

Designed to resemble a botanical garden, the condominium showcases an impressive collection of over 300 plant species. This collection includes not only native forest trees and ferns but also an extensive array of aquatic plants, aligning with Singapore’s “City in Nature” vision.

Citi Wealth Hub

This project won the bronze award in the Implementation (Non-Residential) category.


This project won the bronze award in the Implementation (Residential) category.

The Visionaire

This project won the merit award in the Implementation (Residential) category.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

This project won the bronze award in the Maintenance (Non-Residential) category.

Le Quest

This project won the bronze award in the Implementation (Residential) category.