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Call us for a free quote
at +65 6251 3245 or Contact us

Catch the attention of your customers with stunning flower arrangements and decorations. Sharp colours and organic shapes draw attention, and many flowers have mild scents that could give your shop a unique smell. With a wide range of flowering plants for you to choose from, you can select those that fit your brand and style. According to studies, shopper loyalty, time spent in the store, and money spent while shopping will increase with the incorporation of plants. Increase your revenue while providing your customers with the best shopping experience.

Plants Rental

With OneO2Plants’ flexible maintenance schedule, you can mould it to fit your availability. If you require it, we can come after hours to not disrupt your daily operations. We will also contact your building’s management for an approved work permit, allowing us to perform maintenance without hassle.
Image: Nando’s Chickenland Singapore