Case Studies

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Call us for a free quote
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Oftentimes, we take on larger projects than our regular plants rental or landscaping work. Here are some examples projects that required more manpower, designing, communication, and installation.


JustCo is cognizant of the benefits of a biophilic office as a flexible workspace provider; it is the key to caring for its customers. JustCo wanted an urban jungle look, combining plants and modern interior design. With empty planters, both big and small, they wanted it all filled with voluminous shrubs and plants. JustCo goes all the way to show care and concern for their clients and deeply understand the positive psychological effect plants have on people, specifically office workers.
As such, we suggested a wide range of plants: mini Epipremnum aureum for groundcover and tabletop pots; Dieffenbachia ‘Tropic Snow’, Aglaonema nitidum ‘Silver Queen’, Aglaonema Pattaya Beauty for the small planters; Schefflera arboricola and Ficus lyrata for the big planter boxes; and different palms like the Rhapis excelsa for the floor pots. Many of these plants are bushy, with wide-spanning leaves. Upon completion, the bushy trees, cascading money plants, and upright indoor plants combine to create the urban jungle look JustCo aimed for. JustCo has been successfully transformed into an urban jungle.

One Raffles Quay

One Raffles Quay is a public office complex in Singapore’s busy regions and sees high foot and vehicle traffic daily. In order to decrease pollution effects generated by vehicles and people, the management of One Raffles Quay wanted to focus on incorporating nature into its outdoor surroundings. Their efforts to mesh nature with modernity have successfully paid off, and that fact is clear to see if one takes a walk around the building.
Ficus trees planted around the tower reach towards the sky, with a field of wedelia bushes and other plants surrounding the Momentum Sculpture nearby. OneO2Plants has been tasked by the building’s management to maintain the greenery, ensuring that the trees and plants are in pristine condition. We understand that public image is essential to an organization’s reputation, and we pride ourselves on our ability to service our client. With every job done, we continue to help uphold the high standards of One Raffles Quay and the businesses within it.

Formula 1 (2023)

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 was a busy event for OneO2Plants. Over 2 weeks, our team of 5 landscapers, headed by our Senior Manager Mr Haris Amid Jumare, completed the incredible plant installation in two weeks. The paddock features over 1500 groundcover plants across 5 species, 15 different species of shrubs numbering in the 1800s, and at least 300 large plants and trees reaching 1-1.2 meters tall across 10 species. On the 15th, 16th, and 17th of September, two gardeners were stationed at the Grand Prix to maintain the various plants, trees, and bushes.
While the project was a huge success, the road to completion was not as simple. Our team expertly adapted to sudden design changes, changes in plant species, and requests for additional plants. The upkeep of the landscaping was our priority, and any plants not in good condition needed to be changed as soon as possible. Finally, we needed to ensure that the plants were all in good condition when we removed the plants from the displays. Each challenge was handled with finesse by our gardeners and landscapers, all of whom contributed to the immense success of the event.