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Understaffed and overworked, nurses and doctors hardly have time to care for their physical and mental health. Reduce work-related stress and burnout for your employees and show care for your patients by freshening up the clinic or hospital with lovely plants. Plants can also break up the monotony of plain hospital corridors and distract patients from their discomfort.

But we know that soil may harbour bacteria and other harmful organisms, which can compromise the safety of your hospital or clinic. Our alternative potting method, hydroculture, utilises a clay aggregate called LECA. A replacement for organic soil, LECA balls will not decompose and are pest-free. Watering periods can also be stretched out, which reduces the likelihood of mosquitoes breeding.

Hydro Plants

Everyone has heard of soil or semi-hydro planting, but not many have considered the cleaner and more sustainable option of hydroplanting. Not hydroponics, which utilises a liquid growing medium solution, but hydroculture.
Image: Citi Wealth Hub