Call us for a free quote at +65 6251 3245 or Contact us

Call us for a free quote
at +65 6251 3245 or Contact us

Everyone knows that how you present yourself is the first thing people notice. With a well-kept and stunning yard or extravagant entryways, we can help you leave a lasting impression on your clients, prospectors, and more. Our versatile landscaping services will be tailored to your needs, presenting you with your vision realised.

Convenience Right At Your Doorstep
Do you love nature but have no idea how to maintain it? Are you a big company with no time to fuss about the exterior of your building? OneO2Plants is here to provide you with simple solutions. We will visit your premises regularly to keep your plants in tip-top shape, ensuring your image is as pristine. We can do it all: gorgeous flowering plants, impressive trees, and neatly trimmed grass. No problem is too tough for us to work through with you.

Frequently Asked Questions about our services

Outdoor plants generally need to be watered daily. Depending on the plant species, our operations team will advise how often the plants need to be trimmed or fertilized.
Getting a quotation and simple proposal is free! However if a professional design is required, a fee will be charged.
Depending on your requirements, we can include plant replacement charges as part of the contract agreement.