Hydro Plants

Call us for a free quote at +65 6251 3245 or Contact us

Call us for a free quote
at +65 6251 3245 or Contact us

Everyone has heard of soil or semi-hydro planting, but not many have considered the cleaner and more sustainable option of hydroplanting. Not hydroponics, which utilises a liquid growing medium solution, but hydroculture. Hydroculture is a methods which makes use of an inorganic solid growing medium called LECA. It eliminates the use of soil and increases the time between waterings. You will never worry about fungus gnats while enjoying longer-lasting plants

Relish in lush, vibrant plants and greenery on your premises without compromising your needs and requirements. Our team of experts specializes in installing and maintaining indoor hydro planting solutions that are as unique as your business. Let us introduce the wonders of hydroculture to your office, store, home, or institution with minimal fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions about our services

We will maintain the plants every fortnight. Maintenance includes pruning unhealthy plant parts, watering and fertilising. Plant replacement is also included for unhealthy plants, during the next maintenance day.
The average price of a floor potted plant starts from $20/pot per month.
It depends on location. Most CBD areas do not have a minimum rental price. Please contact us to check if your location has a minimum rental price.
Our minimum contract period is 1 year for long-term rental.
Maintenance is often every two weeks, however, if you need a more or less frequent maintenance schedule, that is also possible.
Our customer relationship team will regularly email the monthly schedule to you when service dates are confirmed. You may also email us to enquire about future service and maintenance dates.
The long-term rental option allows you to rent our plants for an extended period and includes regular maintenance and free replacement of plants. It is low cost and convenient, with a contractual period of 1-year minimum. Our short-term rental option is available for special events like performances and school events, allowing you to rent plants on a more temporary basis. This is only for certain types of events, please contact us for more information.
Yes, you can. If you don’t prefer to rent or enter a contract but want our plants in your space anyway, you can buy directly from us. You may also choose to include our maintenance service or exclude it.

With maintenance included with your purchase, our plant nurturers will maintain the plants on your premises with the utmost care through regular visits throughout the year. This may be more costly than renting from us.
We take pride in everything we do and strive to provide only the best services to our clients. Our plant nurturers are trained to consider health, safety, and the environment when conducting maintenance, and are knowledgeable in live plant installation and care. With measures in place to keep your space free of mosquito breeding and pests, we ensure that your space remains clean. We also offer the replacement of plants at no additional cost when they are at the end of their life cycle.

If you are still unsure whether renting or purchasing is the better option, we have broken down a few important factors that may assist you in making your decision. However, if you are unsure which of our services fits your needs best, contact us to further discuss your requirements and options with our team.