Festive Decorations

Call us for a free quote at +65 6251 3245 or Contact us

Call us for a free quote
at +65 6251 3245 or Contact us

Way before the cheer of the festive seasons can be heard, we are prepared. We know the joy when an important event comes about, the get-togethers and the drinks. We want your space to reflect the same happiness and excitement.

The process of planning, setting up, and then taking down after the event is elaborate and time-consuming, and we do not want to burden you with that trouble. Our diverse and creative decorators know how to design and set up for any festive event. The inclusion of decorations will not only boost the morale of your employees but also leave a lasting impression on any visitor and client you have invited over. 

Frequently Asked Questions about our services

The price depends on the type, and how big a scale of decoration is needed. We will try our best to work towards your expectations.
Price includes the decorative items, manpower to install and a simple visual proposal. If manpower to remove the decoration is required, it will be in a separate quotation that we can provide.
It depends on the scale of the setup required.